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PH licence for police officer who abducted a schoolgirl Published Date: 04/09/2020

An ex-police officer who ‘quit’ the force after abducting schoolgirl and her friend has ‘won’ his legal battle to become a private hire driver.


The Mail reported that Imran Ali lured a 15-year-old and another girl into a vehicle after a night out in Manchester city centre in 2006.  The following year, the 39-year-old pleaded guilty to abducting a child under 16 at Preston Crown Court and resigned from the force having been based at Didsbury police station at the time of the offence.


Mr Ali applied for a private hire licence from Sefton Council earlier this year despite living 40 miles away but his application was turned down as he 'was not a fit and proper person'.


Reporting on the case, the Mail continued: “Ali then appealed the decision at South Sefton Magistrates Court where Trading Standards Officer Mark Toohey said the panel had to consider 'whether or not we would be satisfied with a member of our family getting into the vehicle with this person driving. And in this case we would not be.'


“However, the court was told the applicant was remorseful and rehabilitated, having worked to deliver food parcels to the needy during the coronavirus pandemic - an act which has seen him nominated for a number of awards.


“He added that he was managing three different charities, had built up a property portfolio with 43 tenants and recently qualified as a civil engineer.”


Magistrate Keith Elford said: “Mr Ali's conviction dates back more than 14 years. Since then, he has successfully built a business portfolio and achieved qualifications, as well as starting a family.


“During the Covid-19 pandemic, he has contributed significantly to the welfare of his local community.


“Sefton Council could not set a precedent for this type of offence. He is a fit and proper person for a taxi driver licence.”