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Oxfordshire planning outdoor smoking ban Published Date: 02/06/2021

An Oxfordshire County Council spokeswoman said: "Oxfordshire has set itself an ambitious aim to be smoke-free by 2025. Creating healthy, smoke-free environments - including considering proposals for hospitality outdoor seating to be 100% smoke-free - is just one small part of a wider range of county-wide plans.

"At present there are no timeframes for smoke-free pavement licensing proposals and nothing has yet been agreed. Any decision on this would be ultimately the responsibility of our individual district councils in Oxfordshire.

"Our tobacco control strategy further outlines our smoke-free 2025 plans, which includes creating healthy and family-friendly smoke-free spaces, helping people stop smoking in the first place, and supporting those who wish to quit."

he Oxfordshire Tobacco Control Strategy aims to reduce the overall prevalence of smoking in Oxfordshire to below 5% by 2025.

The plans will see the council collaborate with other local authorities and the NHS to sign the Local Government Tobacco declaration and the NHS Smokefree Pledge as a commitment to the reduction in the use of tobacco.

In addition, the proposal will also see the local authority tackle the supply and demand of illicit tobacco, raise public awareness, support regional programmes to reduce illegal tobacco and take action to reduce the sale of tobacco-related products and electronic cigarettes to those who are underage.