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“Cut alcohol to stave off dementia” – Oxford University Published Date: 09/10/2019

A report has called for a significant reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed to reduce risk of developing dementia.

The report concluded that the Government’s safe drinking guidelines should be halved concluding that “even the lowest levels of alcohol intake are toxic to the brain if sustained over years.”

Professor John Gallacher, professor of cognitive health at Oxford University, who drew up the guidelines said “We recommend low alcohol consumption, less than seven units a week, compared with the government guideline for a maximum of 14 units a week.”

The guidelines, thought to be the first recommendations that set such a limit to minimise dementia risk, also recommend at least 15-20 minutes of daily exercise, cutting sugar to six teaspoons a day and keeping blood pressure below 140.

The research also found that whilst genetics play a part so do lifestyle choices including alcohol consumption.

Source: Sunday Times