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Alcohol sale ban considered in new tier system Published Date: 18/11/2020

It has been reported that the Government is considering a ban on the sale of alcohol at night as part of a revamped tier system after the current lockdown in England.

Several news sources have quoted Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick saying: "We are now reviewing the tiers so that when the national measures come to an end, we are able to move the country, we hope, back into the tiered structure.

"We will be looking at whether the measures we had in the old tiers were effective. Remember they varied quite a bit in different parts of the country.

"In the new tiers, we would like greater consistency and we will have to see which measures were actually the most impactful on the virus.

"My own area of Nottinghamshire, the local council chose to go over and above and limit the sale of alcohol from off-licences and so on after a certain time, so that people didn't go home and have parties or drink alcohol on the streets.

"So there were some tweaks to the tiers that you're seeing in some parts of the country and it's that sort of thing that we now need to consider.

"Was that a sensible move? If so, should we embed that in the new tier structure?"

The Government’s 22:00 curfew has been widely criticised because it resulted in people spilling on to the street on mass who then would buy alcohol from their local off licence to continue drinking in the streets or at home with others.

The Government has not yet announced England’s exit strategy from the current lockdown but have confirmed there will be change to the tier system.