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Public Safety at Events Two Day Course on 8th & 9th October 2020 (Non-residential) 8th October 2020 Hudson Boardroom, York City Council, West Offices, Station Rise, York YO1 6GA North East
Members Fee: £295.00 + VAT
Non-Members Fee: £370.00 + VAT




This is a two day training course taking place on 8th & 9th October 2020 in York.

This course aims to build on candidates’ knowledge and awareness of public safety legislation and likely risks at events, and its practical application to licensing processes.

Day One will focus an overview of legislation and guidance followed by practical examples which relate to audience management and site-specific risks. Common mitigation examples will also be explored.
Day Two will provide opportunities to apply this awareness to licensing and Safety Advisory Group processes, including licence applications and event safety and risk assessments.

There will be group exercises and opportunities for candidates to share experiences and concerns.

This event is aimed at Council and Police Licensing Officers, and other statutory agency staff. However, it will also be of benefit to small or new event organisers.

The trainer is Sean Williams. Sean is an ex-Police Events Commander now working in the music and sporting events industries as an events manager.
£295 + VAT for IoL Member
£370 + VAT for Non-Member

The non-member fees includes complimentary individual membership until 31 March 2021.
The Institute of Licensing have accredited this course as 5 hours CPD per day (Course total 10 hours CPD, Course Ref: PSAE75883)
Course Objectives: To improve candidates’ ability in assessing the public safety risks at proposed events, particularly in an environment of reducing access to specialist advice.
Throughout the two days the course will reference a fictious, but realistic medium sized event. Group discussions and exercises will return to this event to bring in realism.

Programme (subject to minor change)
Day One – Building knowledge of Public Safety legislation and risks
09:00 Registration & refreshments
09:30 Introductions, audience needs/expectations
Session 1
Common Public Safety risks with examples particular focus on smaller or community events
Overview of Public Safety legislation and guidance H&S Act, Riddor, Licensing Act, HSE, IOL, Purple Guide, Green Guide etc.
11:00 Coffee

11.15 Session 2
Public Safety risks relating to audience management i.e.:
• Ingress issues including traffic internal and external and parking
• Ticketing including not-ticketed events and open sites
• Audience assessment discussion about the challenge of events with acts that the candidates have no knowledge of!
• Safeguarding
• Crowd management (people per m2 exercise)
• Alcohol/drugs
• CT light touch but ensuring that applicants have considered this
Session 3
Site specific Public Safety risks
• Permeant buildings or green field fictious event includes both challenges
• Temporary structures and legislation
• Fire
• Food safety
• Weather, and water provision
• Neighbours and their powers in the Licensing Act - Also LA reputation
• Noise as a safety risk only
13:00 Lunch
Session 4
Site risk mitigation examples
• Event Management structures, command, ownership
• Incident/emergency plans what should they contain?
• Event Management plans what should they contain?
• Security/stewarding
• Medical/welfare
• Police or not? Discussion re regional variations
• Special effects
Other challenges
• Volunteers risks and competence challenges, ‘professional’ volunteers
• Will this event be on ‘public’ land? LA or separately owned park? LA liability risks? Third party scrutiny as reassurance?
• Liability insurance
14.45 Refreshment Break
Session 4
Provide candidates with fictious site map and brief overview of event. Table discussions on potential Public Safety risks for that event. Each table to present to the room on themed tasks.
Mop up/ questions
16:30 Close

Day Two – Applying that Public Safety awareness to the Licensing and SAG processes

09:00 Registration & refreshments
09:10 Outstanding questions from Day One
Session 5
Responsibilities of
• Event organisers
• Local authorities including the candidates
• ‘Blue light’ services
Pre-licence application consultation and signposting
• What guidance my does my organisation provide to event applicants? Is it enough? Does it support me enough? Can I change it – discussion.
• What is my in-house support? What can I deal with before involving others? Discussion about what elements of the fictitious event could the licensing officer deal with.
• How much ‘hand holding’ should I do? What are the risks?
• Buy in from partners Discussion around service reductions
Dealing with an event plan submitted without consultation
• Automatic representations or negotiations? -discussion on different agency approaches/policy.
11:00 Refreshement Break
Session 6
Safety Advisory Groups
• How to deal with the application if there is not going to be a SAG?
• Role of SAG, position in respect of licensing conditions? Chicken or egg?
• Your role in any SAG (Promote IOL SAG course!)
Event Risk Assessments
• When are they needed?
• What should they contain? Examination of our event ERA
12:45 Lunch
Session 7
Event Management/ Safety Plans
• What should they contain? Group exercise
• Volume over substance? Should there always be one?
• EMP as a condition of the licence – submission times, who ‘approves’?
Site inspections
• When to carry out? True picture discussion, especially if visiting when event is not live
• Value of joint inspections
14.30 Refreshment Break
Session 8
Post event analysis
• Requirements on organiser to report back on Public Safety issues
• Expectations of other agencies to provide demand analysis
• Will there be a SAG debrief process? if not will the Public Safety learning be captured another way? Lost Public Safety learning for one off events? Group discussion
Knowledge check using fictitious event model to ensure we have covered all concerns.
16:15 Q&As
16:30 Close

You will see from the options below, that delegates can attend as a day delegate on a single day to all four days or as a residential delegate staying in the hotel on single days or multiple days. Select which apply to you to view the fees involved.

To get an idea of fees, please use the fee calculator below. Please note that this is a simulation, if you wish to actually book the course please click on the book button. Programme:*

Please read our cancellation policy before booking this event.


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