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Uber announce driver booking changes

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Uber announce driver booking changes 28th February 2018

Uber have announced changes to the way it will be allocating work to its licensed drivers in the future.

In the
announcementmade on 14 February this year, Uber said drivers will only be able to receive requests from the Uber app in the region in which their licensing authority is. This means that whilst Uber drivers can still decide where they want to drive their ability to receive requests from the Uber app will be restricted to the area where they hold their licence.

The example Uber gave is if a driver has a TfL private hire licence, but does the majority of their driving with Uber in Birmingham, they will have to get a private hire licence from a council in the Midlands to continue driving with Uber in and around this area.

The changes will come into effect from Wednesday, 14 March 2018.

Uber said that it is making the changes in response to feedback from local authorities.

Jessica Phillips from Uber said: “Some local authorities–who are responsible for giving us our operator licences–have told us that the way the app works can make it hard for them to do their job. They have said that it can be difficult for them to oversee what private hire drivers are doing in their jurisdiction, particularly when they are licensed in another part of the country.

“We hope that this change will help to make us a better and more responsible presence in cities.”

Source: Uber

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