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Welsh MUP Bill passed by Welsh Government

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Welsh MUP Bill passed by Welsh Government 22nd June 2018

The Welsh Assembly have passed the Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill.

The Bill, passed by the Welsh Assembly on Tuesday 19 June 2018, paves the way for the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol in Wales.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething told the Senedd on Tuesday that the bill will help reduce the number of alcohol related deaths, and alcohol related hospital admissions.

He said: "Ultimately it gives us a chance to do more to try to save lives.

"The evidence is strong that using financial incentives, that is changing the price of drinks, does effect how much people drink."

He rejected criticism from Plaid Cymru health spokeswoman Rhun ap Iorwerth that the legislation had been "rushed".

The Bill includes provision for:

• the formula for calculating the applicable minimum price for alcohol by multiplying the percentage strength of the alcohol, its volume and the minimum unit price (MUP);
• powers for Welsh Ministers to make subordinate legislation to specify the MUP;
• the establishment of a local authority-led enforcement regime with powers to bring prosecutions;
• powers of entry for authorised officers of a local authority, an offence of obstructing an authorised officer and the power to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs).

The Bill does not specify a MUP. Once the amount has been set it will be specified in regulations. However, for the purpose of assessing impacts and the associated costs and benefits, the Explanatory Memorandum uses a 50p MUP as an example.

The date of when the Bill will receive Royal Assent has not been announced yet.

Source: Welsh Assembly

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