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National Licensing Week 2018

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National Licensing Week 2018 25th June 2018

National Licensing Week returns for the 3rd year running in June 2018 and is the only initiative aimed at raising awareness about the role of licensing across the UK.

Licensing plays a key role in everyone’s everyday lives.. Taking a taxi to work, meeting friends for a drink, betting on the tracks or chancing your luck in the casino. Even choosing a new puppy for your family, going camping or indulging in body art and piercings; licensing is a common thread weaving its way through very many every day activities.

National Licensing Week celebrates the diversity of licensing. It celebrates all the players in the field – councils and police charged with regulating licensable activities, and industry practitioners working to run their businesses in accordance with licensing requirements, while at the same time growing and nurturing their businesses and in doing so bringing social and economic vibrancy to our towns, cities, villages and hamlets across the UK.

The purpose of licensing is public protection. Keeping the public safe, protecting animal welfare, and protecting vulnerable adults and children from exploitation and other harms. Licensing is everywhere and so is the need for safeguarding.

National Licensing Week aims to help promote awareness of the importance of licensing. Knowing what to look for when hailing a taxi, when looking for a puppy, or where to go for advice on running or starting a business that might involve alcohol, gambling, taxis, animals or entertainment etc.

If you are involved in licensing, help us to raise awareness about what you do. Consider swapping places with someone in a different role and seeing things from another angle. Celebrate your partnership whether it’s a local pub watch, Business Improvement District or Best Bar None scheme.

There is no other initiative which so openly invites participation by everyone involved in licensing to celebrate the work done to support safe licensable activities, protecting the public, including children and vulnerable adults, safeguarding the welfare of animals and ensuring safe and thriving work and social environments across the country 24 hours a day.

“National Licensing Week is one of the industry’s flagship campaigns – a rare opportunity to highlight the importance of licensing in today’s society. Despite its role in everyday life, licensing often goes unnoticed. The aim of this campaign is to change this perception. The inaugural campaign last year was a great success and raised awareness through a number of job swaps and activities. With the 2nd NLW scheduled for June this year, I hope you will join us in extending our reach and educating people about all aspects of licensing.” - Daniel Davies, CEO CPL Training Group, Chairman of the IoL

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